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April 7, 2024

Animation Concept has been in existence for 24 years now, and uses the best specialists to establish effective team building programs. Several competitors improvise and retrain themselves in the field of Team building: it is imperative to obtain documentation and require references! Animation Concept provides you with more than twenty names of companies that hire us, such as Desjardins Caisses throughout Quebec, Radio-Canada, Deloitte, National Bank Financial, SAQ, Heinz, Yoplait, Multi Loan MortgageThe capital, and many others.

Animation Concept is also a training organization approved by the labor market partners commission. Your training is even eligible for the 1% law and is tax deductible, thanks to our status as official trainers. It is an essential seal of quality, in addition to being one of the guarantees of success of your event!

Our team building exercises are varied and develop the ability to work in a group on several levels. Our challenges include tasks that improve group performance, but also help people become aware of their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

The proposed exercises cover different sectors:

Communication : The challenges focus on transmission of information, effectiveness of the message, proactive reception and subsequent action.

Planning : Challenges focus on the ability to prioritize tasks and adaptability to changes as they arise. The challenges demonstrate that good planning is essential before implementing a solution.

Creativity : The challenges are met thanks to the creative spirit of the team and its ability to “think differently” by opening its imagination. Just like in business, solutions that are not readily apparent require creative vision to resolve the problem.

Trust and commitment exercise: Our exercises require everyone to display the confidence necessary to generate the confidence of their colleagues, who can offer the same security in return. Trust between colleagues is increased, knowing that they can rely on each other to move forward and achieve their goals.

Finally, our Team building exercises include a component of social activities, which encourage members to get to know each other better and to exchange ideas in a fun and different context.

The exercises designed by Animation Concept clearly show how a team approaches a problem and how it attempts to solve it. Our on-site facilitators witness behaviors and guide participants toward effective problem solving.

Assessment and feedback

In order to encourage the involvement and retrospection of all team members, we recommend a self-evaluation process to judge the effectiveness of the group at the end of the activities.

With the goal of improving team performance, these assessments can be used to reframe the group's goals, identify gaps between the goal state and the current state, and design a winning strategy to work more effectively in the future.

Animation Concept is a leader in the field of Team building. For a free meeting or consultation, contact Rudy Magnan : 514 567-9977


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