Team building: Who is it for? That is why ?

April 7, 2024

Do you have a team whose members need to work better together?

Do you want to use more of the talents of each individual?

Become more creative?

Develop skills as a team?

Raise overall performance?

Do you want to give a helping hand to a new, freshly formed team so that synergy can take hold? Perhaps you find that motivation in a work group has faded over time or you simply want to strengthen the bonds between people who currently work together. Not only do Animation Concept programs provide pleasant and stimulating moments, they bring positive changes!


You hear more and more about “Team building”, and you wonder about the real benefits of these activities. How do you know if your business can increase productivity using this approach?

Team building is a concept of work where each employee is seen as an important part of the team. Each member counts, and each member brings strengths that benefit the group. The addition of the positive elements of each employee strengthens the team; on the other hand, individual negative elements have an impact on the group as a whole.

Team building refers to a range of activities, which are carried out most of the time in companies. These activities include several objectives, which a company specializing in team building such as Animation Concept can organize and facilitate according to your needs.


It is important to consider the overall dynamic of a team, balancing each person's strengths and characters. Six points are particularly sensitive to forming an effective team:

1 -Team members have experience in the relevant field, and use their strengths. Their problem-solving ability is thus increased.

2 -The team has a clear objective. She has the capabilities, the resources and above all, the will to achieve it.

3 -The members are enthusiastic and all action-oriented. Tasks are completed in a short time, efficiently.

4-Interpersonal relationships are positive and cordial. Everyone demonstrates courteous, honest and productive communication. Critiques and problem solving are focused on improving results.

5-The group works in an appropriate and relaxed physical environment. The climate and culture of the organization are conducive to team behavior.

6-Leadership is encouraged and relies on a competent member recognized by their peers. It is focused on the objective, builds trust, recognition and motivation of members, in addition to ensuring an atmosphere of collaboration. He is the one who sets priorities and manages the performance of his team.

Are there any points listed above that could be improved in your business?
If so, team building is ideal for you.

Team building encourages teamwork and increases the chances of success in accomplishing company projects. The advantages are numerous:

– Increased leadership skills.

– Increased productivity.

– An increased level of respect between members.

– Greater acceptance of organizational changes.

– Greater importance is given to company objectives.

– The quality of the team is improved by collaboration and more efficient communication.

– Creative thinking is encouraged and more often requested.


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