The philosophy of our team building activity programs

April 7, 2024

The team building approach aims to strengthen cohesion within a team. Each member who feels appreciated and competent in their work, who experiences harmonious relationships within their team, and who communicates effectively will not only see their happiness increase, but also their productivity and belonging. Numerous collective exercises stimulate open-mindedness and observation of behavior, which allows different employees to get to know each other better and increase mutual understanding. Our programs help to increase the potential of members, to reveal their strengths, and to direct them towards collective values that are beneficial for them and for the company.

Animtion Concept's team building programs consist of encouraging the adoption of solutions, by integrating games, interactivity and role-playing. Our approach includes a dual approach:

• a methodological approach

• a creative and behavioral approach

The emphasis of the programs is placed on team performance:

• Team members work collaboratively and creatively;

• Team members share information with each other;

• Decisions are made by the whole team.

Animation Concept can offer tailor-made educational programs:

• Complete analysis of your needs;

• Understanding of the company's objectives;

• Identification of the learning elements to be acquired.

Our team building programs:

Our team building programs are designed to strengthen the bonds between members of your organization and optimize each person's contribution. Team members are immersed in practical situations of listening, respecting each other's tasks and making decisions. Individual strengths are highlighted in activities of design, planning, observation, deduction or memory. Exercises using leadership and listening skills are also highlighted. All our programs are led by experienced and passionate coaches, who not only pass on their knowledge but guide participants according to your business objectives. The duration of the programs can take place over half a day, one day or several days. The experience is available for groups as small as 8 and as large as a few hundred.


• An departure briefing explaining the qualities of an active participant and the principles of successful teams.

• Interactive activities creating a positive atmosphere for the team.

• Cooperative challenges requiring strategy and team spirit.

• Scenarios that allow the team to strengthen themselves through an exploit that is impossible to achieve individually, but achievable as a team.

• A reflection allowing the team to draw up an action plan applicable in everyday work

Animation Concept works directly with you to meet your needs. If necessary, we offer feedback on the activity for a better understanding of the learning received.

Programs that focus on know-how and know-how…

We believe that good team building programs achieve useful objectives on a professional and organizational level, in addition to enhancing the skills of the participating team members. These skills that we believe are useful to acquire or improve can be observed on the following two lists:

Expertise :

• Technical competence

• Experience

• Training

Know-how :

• Leadership and taking initiatives

• General presentation, style, delivery…

• Sense of contact

• Dynamism

• Rigor and organization

• Sense of responsibility

• Creativity

• Ability to adapt to change

• Resistance to stress and pressure


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