The top 10 questions to ask yourself to succeed in your team building

April 15, 2024

 1- What is the total budget for my team building activity?

The budget will be divided into several levels:

  • There food : a buffet, a meal with services, lunch boxes, etc. (Provide a meal for the technical team and the facilitators-trainers)
  • THE invitations: by post, by email, by courier, etc.
  • There technical: sound system, lighting, audio-visual, stage, generators (if outside non-standard activity), etc.
  • THE decorations or decorative elements according to the theme for team building or training for: stage, hall, hall, outside, etc.
  • L'team building activity or training as such: artist-trainers, facilitators-trainers, speakers, service staff, coordination and management, etc.
  • Others : security, photographer, gifts, door prizes, trophies (plaques or medals), insurance, etc.


2- What type of activity do I want to organize that fits well with my group?  

  • Team Building (speed meeting, team learning, training, icebreaker)
  • Conference(s)
  • Golf tournament (other sports tournaments)
  • Congress (symposium, general assembly, forum, convention, seminar, etc.)
  • Business meeting
  • Rally (carpedestrianphoto, GPS, nature hiking, etc.)
  • Promotion (product and/or service launch)
  • Company anniversary
  • Recognition day
  • Back to school (or end of the school year for teachers)
  • Retreat for employees (in a large chalet, resort, park, in the mountains, etc.)
  • Intervention theater (to improve customer service, chemistry within your work team, find solutions for the sales and/or production department)


3- Which location is best suited to my activity?   

  • Reception rooms: when there is no room rental.
  • Restaurant rooms: for small events
  • Performance halls: for performances, speakers or presentations (Théâtre Plaza, Petit Medley, Café Campus, Métropolis, Théâtre l'Olympia, Le bain Mathieu, Del Arte, etc.)
  • Hotels, hostels, convention centers: when there may be room rentals (Ideal for: conventions, conferences, training, employee retreats, etc.)
  • Large venues: Fair centers, Convention centers, Marché Bon Secours, Olympic Stadium, Hangar of the old port of Montreal, Montreal Science Center, etc.
  • Golf clubs, sugar shacks, ski centers, sports centers, vineyards…
  • Cinemas, museums, the Planetarium, the Insectarium, the Biodôme
  • Community centers, church basements, schools, auditoriums, etc.
  • Outdoor sites: the old port of Montreal, Parc Jean Drapeau, the Laval Nature Center, Parc Maisonneuve, the Esplanade of the Olympic stadium, Parc Molson, Mont St Bruno, Mont St Hilaire, Mont Royal, the race tracks, the Laval Nature Center, etc.
  • At your offices or warehouses (with rearrangement of the place depending on the activity)


** Please note that outdoor sites and non-standard rooms cost much more than rooms, hotels, convention centers, etc.


4- What type of team building activity, team learning, conferences, training do I want to offer to my work team?

  • Speaker(s)
  • Tailor-made training
  • Intervention theater
  • Icebreaker type activity
  • Speed-Meeting activity
  • Team Building Activity: TB Immersive, TB Creative, TB Sports and Outdoors, TB Artistic, TB Basic
  • Team Learning activity
  • Reward team activity (interactive quiz or others)


5- What resources are useful for carrying out my activity or training?

  • Host(s) or hostess(s) at reception
  • Installer(s): for the decorations, the “sound and lighting” technique, the preparation of the room, etc.
  • Author(s) for: the texts of your event, a catchy slogan, creating content, a speech, a communication, programming, a schedule, a guide, an event evaluation questionnaire, etc.)
  • Coordinator and coordination assistant(s)
  • Director or artistic director (for artistic team building such as: Action Création, Lip Dub Clip, 3-2-1 Action, Impro Théatre, Quiz Show, On the Air, etc.)
  • Technician(s) for: sound, lighting, audio-visual, special effects, etc.
  • Social media manager


6- What decorations or decorative elements will create a WOW effect for my activity?

  • A decor according to the theme of your immersive activity: TOP SECRET, DTEC, BOOT CAMP, X PEDITION, FORMULA 1, PIRATE, WESTERN, etc.  
  • Stage decorations (2 dimensions or 3 dimensions)
  • Room decorations (2 dimensions or 3 dimensions)
  • Entrance hall decorations (2 dimensions or 3 dimensions)
  • Exterior decorations (2 dimensions or 3 dimensions)
  • Balloon decoration
  • Lighting atmosphere (Gobo projections on the walls with Leko, LED, Moving Light, smoke, dry ice)
  • Moving scenery (Video or character projections)
  • Centerpieces
  • Ice sculpture(s): personalized sculpture, with or without the company logo.


8- What are the essential technical needs of my team building activity?

  • THE sound system depending on the number of guests for: the speaker(s) or the training during the day, the workshops and/or the team building during the day, etc.
  • THE lighting system for: the stage, the atmosphere of the room, the atmosphere of the hall during the cocktail, the decorations or decorative elements, the posters, etc.
  • THE possible types of lighting: Led or Del (for ambient lighting), leko (for stage lighting or projection of gobos on the walls), motorized “moving light” lighting (for ambiance and dance evening), laser (for the evening dancing), ''black light'' (for the ambiance of the room or stage), strobe, etc.
  • THE audio-visual projections for: sponsors, a photo montage of the event, power point presentations, a promotional video, a short film, a film, a live broadcast of the event, etc.
  • Giant Screen(s): rear or front projection, possible sizes: 6'
  • Stage or room monitor(s): plasma screen(s), LED screen(s), LCD screen(s), etc.
  • THE special effects possible: fireworks (indoor or outdoor), confetti and streamer cannon(s) (manual or electric), smoke machine(s), fog machine(s), machine(s) ) dry ice, CO2 cannon(s), etc.
  • There scene for: the main setting, the show(s), the speaker(s), highlighting an artist(s), etc. 


7- What is the eye-catching visual of my activity?

  • THE logo Or visual of the event for: posters, displays (reception, sections, zones, exhibitors, sponsors, partners, promotions), centerpieces, tickets, T Shirts, costume(s) ), caps, emails, event guide or program, subject advertising, etc.


8- What type of food service is best suited to my business?

  • Buffet (lunch, dinner or dinner)
  • Food stations: all-you-can-eat buffet formula with several service points.
  • Cocktail dinner: with service (several appetizers, varied choices)
  • BBQ type: ideal for an outdoor team building activity, an employee retreat, etc.
  • Lunch box: ideal for a day outside, team building, etc.


9 – What are the means of promoting my activity?

  • Make a list of possible participants
  • Choose a good date for the activity
  • Determine the cost per person
  • Marketing on social networks: Facebook, Twitter (live tweeting or live streaming), LinkedIn, blog, photo space: Picasa, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, or video space: Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.

10- Have I planned a PLAN B in case of rain?

  • Top-Teambuilding has the solution for you, because it is easy for us to plan a PLAN B in case of rain... and ensure that your activity... does not fall through. Contact us for more details on this option: (514) 567-9977 or (418) 476-9977. Looking forward to making your team building activity…a great success!


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