5 important points for good team building

April 15, 2024

Do you need to motivate your employees, increase their performance, generate enthusiasm and improve the quality of communications at work?

Is team building part of the solution? Absolutely. But a team building activity must be well orchestrated and led by experienced facilitators-trainers. Here are the key elements to book the perfect activity suited to your needs.

1-Ensure the quality of the speakers:
It is not easy to find the right company to obtain Team building services. The enthusiasm of recent years is palpable. Many therefore improvise in the field of team building, and rub shoulders with major players on the web, without any indication of their lack of resources.

It is essential to hire a training organization approved by the Commission of Labor Market Partners. The organization has thus seen its skills and expertise in the field certified by the government. Your training also becomes eligible for the 1% law and is tax deductible, thanks to this official trainer status. Make sure to hire team building experts who carry this essential seal of quality, like TOP-TEAMBUILDING.

2-Team building is done…as a team:
TOP-TEAMBUILDING offers coherent, comprehensive exercises that generate action in participants and the motivation to improve as a team. Some companies offer solo activities, or which are done individually, such as archery...By definition, team building is decidedly more effective when carried out in a group!

3-The variety of activities:
The most effective team building exercises avoid repetition and overly simple activities that do not involve thinking. Team participation and the need to voluntarily join forces to complete tasks proves more useful and achieves a more lasting impact. The exercises offered at TOP-TEAMBUILDING are varied. They improve the group's ability to work together. Our challenges include tasks that improve performance and team spirit, while making them aware of their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

4-Put in context:
It is very useful to communicate information about the company that needs team building: its area of expertise, its history, and recent difficulties encountered if necessary. For example, a company from the South Shore approached TOP-TEAMBUILDING, after noticing the lack of motivation of its employees and a gloomy atmosphere at work. The context was very important: the company had had to make numerous layoffs and the remaining employees had lost all enthusiasm. Our trainers were able to focus their exercises on these specific points and thus obtain results according to the targeted objectives. Knowing exactly what we would like to improve in the group certainly helps to choose the best team building activity for the target group, or even to build a tailor-made concept.

5-The longevity of the company:
It is essential to surround yourself well! TOP-TEAMBUILDING only hires trainers, facilitators and professionals in the field to supervise Team building activities. The programs are designed by experienced specialists, and our company has 26 years of experience in the field. Our consultation materials and references are also at your disposal.


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